St. Jude Central School

Curricular Activities

Morning Assembly

The morning session begins with the assembly at 09:25 hrs, in which all the students and staff members are expected to participate. All the students should assemble in their designated places according to their class for the morning assembly, with the teachers.

Co-Curricular Activities

To bring out the inborn talents and creative abilities of the child, our school is conducting activities in Co-Curricular Activities from Std I-X. Students are trained in various items like karnatic music, Band, Classical/Folk Dance, Karate, Drawing, Craft, and so on.


The school has an excellent band. We provide sufficient training to the children to promote their talents. The school is well equipped with instruments like drums, trumpets, French Horns etc.

Art & Craft

Children are always gifted with different type of skills. We are really focused to improve the student’s interest in their skills. As a part of that, here we train children in the arts and craft sessions and we conduct art and craft exhibitions to encourage their creativity.


Studying martial arts is a necessity of recent situations. Nowadays, crimes are rapidly increasing. Thus here we give karate training to the students to handle these kind of situations

Sports & Games

Sports and games should be made a part of our life to make mind and body healthy. Students always have a busy schedule. So the sports and games session will help children to be healthy


Here the gardening session gives the awareness to the children to protect nature. Thus the children makes a habit of planting trees and plants. It is a requirement of today’s situation


Tour is essential to children to educate as well as for a fun bonding experience. A tour can reinforce what a teacher has been instructing in a class about a subject and help students to understand the topic better


Exhibition refers to project presentation of students about what they have learned or achieved. Here they present their scientific experiments, physical products such as models, sculptures, dioramas, robots, etc.