St. Jude Central School


Computer Lab

The school aims at the development of a wholesome personality through the emphasis given in the curriculum for physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual growth. To face the challenges of a shrinking world, a growing technology-dependent human life and a growing scientific base, children today need the maximum practical experience than in any other times. We, at St. Jude Central School, believe in learning by doing.


“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

Our School Library is a store house of knowledge. With a growing collection of over 5000 books on all topics, it caters to the singular needs and requirements of the students and the teaching community. The variety of Standard Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and subject-based Reference books in the Reference Section are worth mentioning. Reading material in the form of latest magazines, periodicals and newspapers are available.


Adequate transportation facilities are provided for the students. Those who wish to avail this facility would have to request for it to the Principal, at the beginning of the academic year. Bus fees will be collected in three installments. The authority concerned should be informed in advance if there is any change in the boarding point. Students who commute by the school bus should make use of the opportunity to develop and inculcate qualities like patience, co-operation, tolerance and consideration for others. Exemplary behavior is expected of all students in the bus and at the boarding points.

Smart Class

To improve learning and make it a memorable and enjoyable experience, we have installed the smart education, digital systems to all classes.

In this technological era technical advances are necessary for students, teachers and schools to excel. While traditional technical methods have played an important role in our educational system, with the advent of computers and interactive boards, the landscape has changed entirely.

Our focus is to make the total learning experience interesting, interactive, intuitive and practical. Hopefully all our students will make their learning a happy endeavor.

Children’s Park

The park facilitates with excess rides especially slides, swing, merry go round, etc. The place gives pleasure through their play. It is essential that the children should be relaxed for their mental health. It reduces their tensions and worries.