St. Jude Central School


Maths Club

The members of the Maths club are given an opportunity to explore the deepness of the subject Mathematics in various aspects. This allows the students to engage themselves in unique mathematics activities in a relaxed, social setting.

Environment Club

The school mainly focuses to give an awareness to the students of the various environmental issues. The environment club gives the students a platform to show their interest on the environment through various environmental activities.

Science Club

The Science Club makes a passion in children to learn science through experiments. It influences the students to think beyond theories and ignite the spark of science and creativity in their minds.

English Club

The English Club mainly concentrates on enhancing the language skills of the students. It promotes the communication of students in English, improve their speaking skills, pronunciation and phonetics.

Literary Club

This club promotes children’s efficiency in reading and writing. This club also encourage student’s talents in literature. It creates opportunities to enhance their taste in reading, their sense of appreciation of literary expressions and their scope to emulate great literary figures through their works.